The Chinese New Year is coming soon.

Annual meetings have been held these days in many companies,in which a variety of activities ,such as sing,dancing and rewarding are take paticipated.Besides,there is  lottery drawing in many corporations.

This year,there are there ipads,five shopping coupons,and eight surprise snack packages which separately stands for the first prize,the second prize and the third prize.Also memorial trophy laundry detergent  is prepared.All the staff were excited to draw.Even if every person drew a prize he liked or disliked,the activity was meaningful.

Except the raffle,feast is also expected.The cook prepared sea food, such as,shrimps,scallops and crabs for lunch.And the supper will be the northeast special dishes in China.And Red envelopes contained money symbolizing good fortune and hope  will be dispatched during supper.

Wow,the whole office has been full of expectance.

A total new year is coming.